SSS® Jaguar 26R Micro Rider Scrubber - 26"

Item # SSS86015

Controls are mounted on the steering wheel for safety. EcoBoss dispensing system puts you in charge of the cleaning performance. Scrub head type: Dual disc; Capacity: 21 Gal. Brush motor: 0.54 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.56 hp. Waterlift: 57"; (4) 6V Wet Acid batteries 242AH.

The EcoBoss onboard detergent system saves money, time and the environment. EcoBoss uses less expensive bulk detergents and ensures every drop is used to clean the floor and not dumped down the drain. Filling the machine is faster when it is filled with pure water and maintenance costs are reduced. Onboard detergent eliminates the need to waste time emptying the solution tank, and fresh chemicals never enter the waste water stream.

26", 242AH, ea
Manufacturer #86015